Yes – You Should Be Washing Your Tanning Mitt, Here's How

It's not as painful as washing your makeup brushes, we promise.

If you've ever attempted the magic of self-tanning at home, you definitely have a horror story to tell - like that time you applied tan with a sock because you couldn’t find any mitt, or couldn’t take your hands out of your pockets because your fingers looked like carrots, or what about that time when you applied tan directly on to your hands and well, that’s saying it all really isn’t it?

Thankfully, we’ve all grown up, mastered the game and have become pros when it comes to streak-free application. Yes, years of practice are to thank for your tanning skills but one item that deserves all the credit? The humble tanning mitt. Not only does a great mitt guarantee smooth, Bahama-worthy results, but they’ll also stop your hands from looking like they belong on Donald Trump’s body.

I feel ashamed to admit it, but I rarely used to wash my tanning mitt until I realised it was the norm? I guess I didn’t get the memo. The problem wasn’t that I’m a lazy bacteria-lover, but that I actually didn’t know how to clean my tanning mitt and eventually just ended up picking up a new one in Penney’s instead. And yes, you can buy soaps and cleansers and magical potions that contribute towards the sad looking bank account, and sure, they will definitely help prolong the life of your mitt and that jazz, but what if you don’t want to spend the money or go through the hassle, just to clean a mitt? Well, that’s okay too.

You should be washing your tanning mitt after every use. Using some good old-fashioned soap and warm water, simply rinse the mitt. It is as easy as that would you believe. There’s definitely no need for a lengthy blog to do the explaining, but I will leave you with some important tips and useful information to use when you’re done cleaning your mitt.

  • Avoid the washing machine: your mitt can shrink when washed in the machine, and the material can also get damaged or just not last as long. You could also run the risk of it transferring tan onto other clothes and items in the same wash, so it’s a no go.
  • Reshape after washing: after you have rinsed your mitt by hand, you want to squeeze out any excess water and reshape it as much as possible. If you reshape your self-tanning mitt each time, you reduce the risk of it becoming deformed and having to buy a new one.
  • Lay it out to dry: as well as reshaping your mitt, you want to lay it out flat to air-dry. Don’t use the dryer as this can damage the material and you should also avoid putting it away immediately, because damp or mould can build up over time.

The tanning mitt is definitely an important tool in the world of fake tanning. Your mitt is your most faithful companion in achieving the perfect skin finish and maintaining your gorgeous glow. If you look after your little friend, they can last for a long time, yet we’ve all made the mistake of letting them get a bit rotten and worse for wear. Hopefully these quick and easy tips will help your applicator mitt life its life to the fullest and keep your tan looking fresh.

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Okay, I’m going to go clean my mitt now because I have just realised, it’s been wayyy to long.

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