The Sustainable Source

In 2021, VeganTan was born with the number one goal to Make A Difference. Making a real impact by spreading kindness and giving back to the planet with every product they make. VeganTan was created to provide an affordable fake tan alternative to customers that is Vegan Society approved, made from sustainable packaging, and is better for their skin by being packed full of natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones. Helping customers make a great choice, for their health and for the planet.

The Plastic Negative Approach

Since day one VeganTan has been Plastic Negative, all products are packaged in reclaimed plastic from the ocean and sugar polymer. VeganTan didn’t want to stop there. In order to Make A Difference to the planet, for every bottle of VeganTan sold, VeganTan donates a percentage of each  sale to remove single use plastic from nature, supporting ethical wages for waste workers, and providing all of their products in the range with a plastic negative footprint.

An Ongoing Journey

By 2023, VeganTan wants to be the leading, sustainable affordable fake tan brand in the world. Since launch VeganTan have already made waves in the right direction by achieving Plastic Negative footprint with their supply chain and packaging. They have global ambitions to continue to be eco-trail blazers in the beauty world and to continue giving back to the planet with every product they make.

About the Kind Brand Company

At the Kind Brand company, we are as kind to your skin as we are to the planet. Every step we take is designed to respect our people and our planet. As pioneers in beauty, we recognize the magnitude of the industry’s plastic problem, and we acknowledge our responsibility to clean up after ourselves. We can help make a difference, and partnering with Plastic Neutral Programs gives us the opportunity to make a significant impact to our lives, and others less fortunate than us. We have one earth, and it’s our duty to look after it.