Our Products

All Vegan Tan products are packed with 100% vegan ingredients and gentle science to give you a no fuss, fabulous natural tan, all found in a bottle that does its bit for the environment. So you can be a beautifully bronzed sustainable superhero all in one - woohoo!

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Our Purpose

A self-tan brand with a purpose? A bigger purpose than helping guys and gals feel fabulous – yep! Our mission here at Vegan Tan is to change the world, one golden glow at a time!

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About Us

Here at Vegan Tan we love a healthy tan and a happy planet, and we want to inspire people to enjoy making themselves (and our earth) look fabulous. In short our mission is to be unlike just any other old tan brand and for all the right reasons. We want every purchase to be filled with purpose. We want to make a difference that doesn’t cost the earth.

Our ingredients

All Vegan Tan self-tanning formulas are 95% natural, sulphate free and work to give you an even beautifully bronzed glow. Enriched with skin loving aloe vera to hydrate and nourish the skin, meaning you stay bronzed for longer.  

Our packaging

Our Vegan Tan bottles may look like plastic, but they’re actually made from sugar polymer and reclaimed plastic from the ocean... Talk about sweet sunshine! and for every bottle of Vegan Tan we sell we will be removing 1lb of plastic from the ocean. By taking this bold commitment, every purchase will carry a Negative Plastic Footprint across the full range of Vegan Tan products.

Our certifications

Here at Vegan Tan from our ingredients to our packaging, we’re 100% ethical, and we have the certifications to prove it. All Vegan Tan products are Vegan Certified, Ethically Certified, Leaping Bunny Approved and Guaranteed Irish.