Get the glow-down on Vegan Tan

Hey you. Looking for a great natural tan? Well, you’ve come to the right bottle!

The wait is finally over & Vegan an is here and ready to get glowing! We love a healthy tan and a happy planet, and we want to inspire people to enjoy making themselves (and the planet) look fabulous. Our products combine vegan ingredients and gentle science to give you a no fuss, fabulous natural tan.

You can glow from head to toe using the brand-new range of Vegan Tan products which includes self-tan mousses in three shades (medium, dark, and ultra-dark), facial tanning mist and an application glove. Now for the glow-down on all products…

Self Tan Mousse
First up is the tan you've been waiting for, a tan that will not only help you look good, but make you feel good too. Introducing the Vegan Tan Self-tan Mousse. The VeganTan Mousse comes in three shades (medium, dark & ultra-dark) and is ready to wear with an instant colour guide, making you liable to be the talk of the tan just seconds after application. Long lasting, streak free, and fades perfectly, what’s not to love? The colour is a deep, natural ‘I just got off a flight home from the Bahamas’ type of bronze. We’re all about natural ingredients and a natural looking tan to match. There’s no orange oom-pah loompa’s around this neck of the woods!

Speaking of natural ingredients, all ingredients used in Vegan Tan are genuinely vegan, and our products are formulated from 95% natural ingredients – how great is that! The VeganTan Mousse is infused with skin-loving ingredients, such as aloe vera, which is known for its hydrating and healing properties. You won’t find any nasty or toxic ingredients in our formulas, and unlike many other self-tanners on the market, our formulation is completely sulphate free!

(Warning: This product does not contain artificial ingredients or sunglasses)

Self Tan Mist
Okay so, you've self-tanned your body and achieved that beachy golden glow, but you've forgotten one thing - your face!

In comes the Vegan Tan Self-tan Mist. Lengthy makeup routines are a thing of the past these days, and it’s all about the facial tanners. The Vegan Tan Self-tan Mist is a light-weight formula that acts as your very own photo filter! Simply spritz over your whole face and let it develop for 2-4 hours for a natural, bronzed glow. Because all VeganTan products are made from 95% natural ingredients, they’re nourishing and gentle on your skin, making them suitable for all skin types. And it should go without saying that the Vegan Tan Self-tan Mist is non-comedogenic, because of course it is. We’ve got you covered, we would never let you buy something from us that’s going to cause breakouts or block pores. We’re nice like that.

We will warn you though, your skin will look so good you’ll have to find a hiding place, so your sister won’t steal it! 

Self Tan Application Glove
And the final item in our product range is the luxury application glove. Orange palms are a thing of the past thanks to our Vegan Tan Tanning Glove that you’ll LOVE! Your tan will be smitten when it meets this luxury application glove. This glove was specially designed to help you achieve a smooth flawless self-tan in half the time, with less mess, no stress, no streaks, and stain-free hands! Go on, check it out, I promise it will fit like a glove!

From our ingredients to our packaging, we’re 100% ethical, and we have the certifications to prove it. All VeganTan products are Vegan Certified, Ethically certified and cruelty free. We love animals here, and we will never stand for testing on Snowball, Honey Bunny, Flopsie or any of their friends.

At Vegan Tan, our mission is simple. We want to make a difference that doesn’t cost the earth. We love a healthy tan and a happy planet, and we want to inspire people to enjoy making themselves (and our earth) look fabulous. Our products combine vegan ingredients and gentle science to give you a no fuss, fabulous natural tan, all packed in a bottle that does its bit for the environment. How good is that huh?

For every Vegan Tan bottle bought, we’re removing 1lb of plastic from the ocean. You can wear the change you want to see in the world. So, come join us, take a big step for your tan and one giant leap for TanKind!