How to Make Your Fake Tan Last Longer?

Tanning Thursday is the best, until it also turns into tanning Sunday and Tuesday because you can’t quite get your tan to stick around. As much as a golden glow all year round is the dream, it's hard work and effort to keep your self-tan topped up for months on end.

If you aren't taking care of your skin before and after you turn on the tan then your bronzed glow can last as little as three days, and that just results in an endless cycle of exfoliating and tanning that would drain even the most devoted tanning lover. But with the right product, some careful preparation and the proper aftercare, your tan stay glowing for up to 10 days!


Here are the best ways to extend your self-tanner as long as possible:

Shave or Wax Beforehand
Be sure to be silky smooth all over before you apply your tan. If you wait to wax or shave after application, you will lose your tan faster than ever.

It’s ESSENTIAL to exfoliate your skin before application, it helps remove all dead skin cells and scaly memories from the week before so you can apply your tan to fresh, smooth skin.

It's best if you can shower and exfoliate eight hours before you tan, to let the skin return to a neutral pH before application. We find it works best to shower in the morning and tan in the evening - with no moisturiser in between. Also, little tip, hot showers are very drying for your skin. Instead, try to keep your showers warm, cool, or short afterwards to keep your skin from getting dried out.

The number one rule: Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Keeping your skin hydrated won’t only help your tan to last longer, it will help to prevent streakiness and patchy fading.

Avoid Harsh Products
Some products are harsher than others and can end up taking away some of your gorgeous tan. Try to steer clear of anything with alcohol in it, waxing strips, acne products etc.

Luckily if you use the Vegan Tan self-tan Mousse you won’t have to worry too much about your colour fading after a couple of days. The Vegan Tan Mousse is formulated with skin loving ingredients, such as aloe vera, which helps massively for you tan to last longer. And the best part? When the Vegan Tan Mousse is wearing off, it fades perfectly, and I mean perfectly! No more scaly snake skin for days without end. You’re welcome.

Here at Vegan Tan, our mission is simple. We want to make a difference that doesn’t cost the earth. We love a healthy tan and a happy planet, and we want to inspire people to enjoy making themselves (and our earth) look fabulous. Our products combine vegan ingredients and gentle science to give you a no fuss, fabulous natural tan, all packed in a bottle that does its bit for the environment. How good is that huh?

For every Vegan Tan bottle bought, we’re removing 1lb of plastic from the ocean. You can wear the change you want to see in the world. So, come join us, take a big step for your tan and one giant leap for TanKind!