Our Packaging

Here at Vegan Tan, bronzed skin is hot, and plastic’s NOT!

Sustainable packing is a promise & a priority when you shop with us. We want our boxes to be filled with purpose when they arrive on your doorstep. Our bottles may look like normal single use  plastic, but they’re actually made from sugar polymer and reclaimed plastic from the ocean - talk about sweet sunshine! You won’t notice a difference between our packaging and other self-tan brands, but we’re making a positive impact where it counts.


It’s become increasingly clear that biodegradable plastic is not the eco-friendly solution to reduce our plastic pollution problem around the world. Not only can biodegradable plastic not be recycled, when it degrades, it breaks into tiny pieces which, if it finds its way into the oceans, seriously affects marine life. Did you know that every day, around 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our oceans?

Most plastic varieties contain toxic chemicals, and the very creation of plastic goods is often a harmful activity, making use of fossil fuel-based materials. Using sugar polymer instead of normal single use plastic packaging also helps us preserve the integrity of our products. Certain chemicals in plastic can leach out into the contents of the container, which can often change the smell & properties of the product. Luckily for us, sugar polymer is chemically inert, meaning that any chemical substance is one that is not generally reactive and is unable to move. What does this all mean? You can put all Vegan Tan products on your skin, without having to worry about any toxic chemicals seeping in where they don’t belong. We’ve got your back.

For every Vegan Tan bottle purchased, we’ll be removing 1lb of plastic from the ocean – how cool is that! So essentially, one purchase of the Vegan Tan Dark Mousse will remove 8 plastic tan bottles from the environment. That sounds like a good enough reason to make the swap to Vegan Tan, and help make a difference for the good of TanKind, right?


“People are becoming more and more conscious about that what they are putting onto their skin, that it is not only kind to their skin but to the environment too. For us as an Irish brand to be leading the way globally in terms of ethics in the tanning world is a huge win and a massive achievement.” - Noelle O’Connor, Founder of Vegan Tan

At Vegan Tan, we always try and do the right thing & are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. Vegan Tan aims to be a leader in women’s beauty. From our design, ingredients, manufacturing process to packaging we will always strive to make a difference that doesn’t cost the earth.

We know our products aren’t going to save the world. They can, however, remind us every day that we have made one small decision toward a cleaner planet. Every step we take at Vegan Tan is designed to respect people and our planet, so that our boxes are filled with purpose when they arrive at your door. Through innovation, inspiration, and positivity- our mission is to change the world, one golden glow at a time!

 You can wear the change you want to see in the world. It’s your tan, and it’s your planet. So, make a change today, for the good of TanKind!

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Here at Vegan Tan, our mission is simple. We want to make a difference that doesn’t cost the earth. We love a healthy tan and a happy planet, nd we want to inspire people to enjoy making themselves (and our earth) look fabulous. Our products combine vegan ingredients and gentle science to give you a no fuss, fabulous natural tan, all packed in a bottle that does its bit for the environment. How good is that huh?

For every Vegan Tan bottle bought, we’re removing 1lb of plastic from the ocean. You can wear the change you want to see in the world. So, come join us, take a big step for your tan and one giant leap for TanKind!