Give The Gift of the Glow

So, you need to buy the tan-lover in your life the perfect gift, but you’re not sure where to start? Luckily for you, VeganTan has got you covered. The fact that you’ve found yourself here in the first place means that you obviously have amazing taste, so you’re off to a fantastic start!

Get them a gift you know they’ll love while helping the planet - we remove 1lb of plastic from the ocean for every bottle bought. Healthy tan, happy planet, and a heartfelt gift. Everybody wins!

Self-Tan Mist Self Tan Mist

Let’s start with my personal fave! The self-tan mist is the perfect product for that natural looking glow that makes me feel fabulously bronzed (definitely needed some days more than others). It is easy to apply, streak-free and has a flawless fade. It’s made from natural ingredients, so your bestie doesn’t even have to worry about what’s inside. This product is packed with skin-loving goodness, meaning that it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities. It’s also a bargain at just €12.99 & is sure to last for quite a while!

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Self-Tan Mousse

Your bestie will be bringing on the bronze with this gift! You don’t even need to worry about your pal having any extra sensitivity with this product. Our self-tan mousse is made up of 95% natural ingredients, which means that even sensitive skin will adore this tan. The mousse is packed with hydration to moisture skin and ensure the perfect wear off that we love! Choose from three shades – medium, dark and extra dark. If you’re not sure which shade to grab as a gift, we recommend trying ‘Dark’ for a rich colour that will fade evenly for a long-lasting glow.

Warning: Risk of extreme tan envy (you may need to grab an extra bottle for yourself)!!

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VeganTan GloveSelf Tan Mousse and Mitt

Your bestie will be s(mitt)en with this gift, see what we did there? The VeganTan Glove is an absolute must-have for that flawless, smooth application that we all strive for. Streaky tan will be a thing of the past thanks to this gentle, luxurious applicator (and trust me, it is so soft!!) The glove allows for a less mess, no stress tanning experience, which is especially handy for those of us who tend to leave tanning to the last minute! Your loved one can forget about tan-stained hands too, what more could you wish for?

Why not add a VeganTan glove to your VeganTan gift order? After all, VeganTan + VeganTan Glove = The perfect pair!

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VeganTan Giftbox 

Gift wrapping is a nightmare, we get it! Luckily, you can now add this fabulous VeganTan giftbox to your order to save yourself the hassle. Make giving the gift of the glow even more special!

Get the perfect gift for that perfect person! You can’t go wrong with giving the gift of the glow 🌞


Here at Vegan Tan, our mission is simple. We want to make a difference that doesn’t cost the earth. We love a healthy tan and a happy planet, and we want to inspire people to enjoy making themselves (and our earth) look fabulous. Our products combine vegan ingredients and gentle science to give you a no fuss, fabulous natural tan, all packed in a bottle that does its bit for the environment. How good is that huh?
For every Vegan Tan bottle bought, we’re removing 1lb of plastic from the ocean. You can wear the change you want to see in the world. So, come join us, take a big step for your tan and one giant leap for TanKind!